Patronuss is a UK-based private specialist security company, which combines elite military standards and precision with the skills, experience and exclusive personal service of the private security industry.

This blend of expertise enables the delivery of intelligently led security solutions that are completely tailored to specific client and business requirements.

Patronuss was established in the U.K. by two highly experienced former elite military service operatives, who together have over 40 years working in the private security industry.

This ensures that exemplary standards and unparalleled expertise are channeled into Patronuss clients’ varied requirements.


Patronuss operates in the UK, Europe and internationally, as required. We have global strategic alliances that give us the capability to deliver products and services to our clients, worldwide.All Patronuss personnel are Security Industry Authority licensed as per United Kingdom law & legislation. Our operatives derive from elite forces within the British military.
Our due diligence ensures that all our personnel are screened and vetted to the highest standards, before employment with Patronuss.Patronuss personnel are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as standard, before employment is granted. We always ensure the integrity of our client confidentiality is without compromise before, during and after services have been provided.