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Patronuss offers a thorough consultancy service, helping our Clients to assess risks and threats to themselves, their business, staff and family as well as their property and assets.

Security Audits

Patronuss offers a full analysis and testing of existing security procedures and policies. We will test the effectiveness of the security currently implemented and measure vulnerability and proficiency. Our consultants can then make recommendations to ensure our Client’s security profile is elevated, to counterbalance any increased risks that may be identified.

Security Plans

Patronuss can produce bespoke security plans for business or individual private clients, based on thorough threat and risk assessment.

Site & Facility Security Assessments

Facilities and sites can often be subject to more than just the most obvious impact factors and risks. The geographic and political environment and many other aspects that can affect local security can stop usage of a facility before its own risks are even evaluated.

Patronuss will provide a comprehensive report and recommendations tailored to a Client’s specific requirements.