A couple of weeks ago I received a very surprising phone call from a college friend-Grace Davies. We hadn’t spoken for a while; having missed the phone call I was initially contacted by her with a message stating “I have something to tell you” so my first thought was “utt ohh bad news” little did I know 10 minutes later I would find out that she had actually nominated me for the local fundraiser pride of Britain award and I had been shortlisted as one of the west midlands candidates!!!

How did this happen?!?! How did Amy Hughes from West Felton get shortlisted for a pride of Britain award?!?! This is a question I am continuing to ask myself since finding out!

I can honestly say this was the first time ever I had been truly speechless! It took a while to register…in fact I think my thought filled brain is still trying to process the information.

My memories of watching the pride Of Britain awards include tears by the bucket load and huge respect for all those unsung heroes that win and are nominated each year. So to be shortlisted for this year’s award is such an incredible honour, so much so I cant get my head around it.

pride2Even if I don’t make it through to the final round to have made it this far is just phenomenal and something I thought I could have only dreamt about.

I don’t often get chance to sit back and reflect on the what has been a whirlwind of a year but today I have done so and I can honestly say I am so, so proud of myself, the people I have inspired, the money we have collectively raised, my friends and family that have supported me throughout and everyone that voted. This past year and the whole of 53 has just been the best time of my life-quite possibly the hardest but by far the best.

Thank you all so, so much. Xxxxx